Wamego City Commission Meeting Notes


Wamego City Commission meeting notes

December 6, 2016

The Wamego City Commission opened the meeting with a Public Hearing to approve the Budget Amendment.  At Tuesday’s meeting, City Manager Merl Page stated the original purpose of the Budget Amendment was to authorize the funds for the new Fire Truck purchase, which was not programmed in the original budget.   Page said they included the Library, the Library Employee Benefits and CVB Board end-of-year expenditures into this hearing.  With no opposition, a motion was made and approved by a vote of 4 to 0.  Commissioner Robert Morse was not present.


In other business:

  1. The Commission approved a change order reduction of $7,290 for the City Hall project, which is complete.
  2. Approved a Final Plat Ordinance for the MS Biotec property located north of the Pizza Hut.This ordinance combines two pieces of property owned by MS Biotec that will allow for future expansion.
  3. Approved the lease renewal of the Cat Track Skid Steer with Foley Tractor under the same terms as the previous lease for $5,000 a year, plus 375 hours of operation.
  4. Accepted the resignation of Karen Ross from the Library Board. A letter of appreciation will be sent.
  5. Sent the recommendations for a fee increase for online registrations back to the Recreation Advisory Board for review.
  6. Approved a resolution to purchase electricity from KMEA (Kansas Municipal Energy Agency) through NextEra Energy Power Marketing, LLC.According to Page, this 5-year agreement allows the City to purchase electricity at a reduced cost.
  7. The November Sales Tax numbers shows City-wide up 1 point 2 percent and County-wide up 5 point 8 percent comparing the same 11 months a year ago.

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