Price Increase For Wamego


city-of-wamego-kansas-logoWamego City Commissioners are taking care of the Julie Drive issue. 

At Tuesday’s City Commission meeting, Merl Page, City Manager, said they met with property owner Jeff Adams at the site to review the field modifications to his property.  Based on the recommendations by an engineer, Page asked for funding authority to do the changes for an estimated cost of $3,854.  The changes involved lowering portions of the sidewalk and lowering the grade of the driveway. 
 Adams appeared at a prior meeting to discuss the issue with the driveway at his residence.  The Julie Drive project involved major street repairs and the addition of sidewalks in the area.  The project was completed last fall.   A motion was made and approved.

A price increased was approved for new electrical service connections.

Page went over the ordinance establishing a new charge for standard connections to the City’s electrical distribution system. This ordinance will repeal the existing ordinances covering new service connections. He said the increase was necessary due to the installation of the Automated Meter Reading System last year. A motion was made and approved.

In other business, an ordinance was approved to amend the existing Columbian Villa’s Planned Unit Development (PUD) designed for two-unit townhomes, to allow for single family units within the same development. Page said the amendment is technically classified as rezoning, and the request was duly published and passed by the Planning Commission. A motion was made and approved 3 to 1, with Commissioner Bill Ditto abstaining.

Wamego’s Recreation Advisory Board developed field use guidelines. 

Page went over the proposed Soccer Field use guidelines between the Wamego Recreation Department and Wamego Crossroads Soccer Association 2014.  He said the issues were discussed in advance by members of both sides, and the guidelines were developed as a result of everyone getting together. 
In other business, the Commission approved several board appointments;  Linda Mackey to the Board of Zoning Appeals and Lanny Bosse to the Hospital Board.  Both have served in these positions before.   The Commission also approved the required annual GAAP waiver to prepare financial reports the way the dollars are governed.  The City operates on a cash rather than accrual basis.  Plus, a draft of the RFP (Request for Proposal) for the Water Tower painting project was discussed and is ready to go out to solicit pricing for painting a balloon design on the tower.


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