Wamego Tulip Festival held as city kicks off spring


WAMEGO — This year’s 32nd annual Wamego Tulip festival marked the third year helping organize for Wamego Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Daryn Soldan. He’s been attending since he was a child.

      Soldan-tulips 2

Soldan says a lot of work goes into an event like this, all the way up until they close the place down.


Tulip Festival Volunteer Sarah Pacheco, who was at the information booth during the event, says a lot of hours go into helping vendors set up the Friday before.

      sarah - tulip 1

Although the work is hard, Pacheco said it’s worth it to see all the happy, familiar faces.

      sarah - tulip 2

Wamego Mayor Tom Beem says the Tulip Festival is important to the town and it’s fun to show off a little.

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