White Canyon residents request Riley County’s help for benefit district


White Canyon area

White Canyon residents met with Riley County commissioners Monday to discuss road improvements in the area.

Residents are requesting to set up a benefit district for the county to improve Baldwin Park Road, with the residents sharing the costs of maintenance.  Resident Dana Nayduch says part of the road before the area is a county road.
      Dana Nayduch 1
Residents are asking for improvements to Ramp and Main Roads to have access to Baldwin Park.  The benefit district for the road would encompass around 3,400 feet, with estimates at around 147 thousand dollars.
      Dana Nayduch 2
Nayduch says these improvements will also help emergency services reach the area.
Commission Chair John Ford wants more information and a plan before making a decision.
      John Ford White Canyon
An estimate of 147 thousand dollars was given to the commission, but Ford suggests a more permanent solution rather than just road improvements.  County staff will return at a later date with some options.

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