Wichita-area district prepares to sue over e-cigarettes


GODDARD (AP) — Officials at a Wichita-area school district say they are preparing to sue the makers, distributors and sellers of electronic cigarettes and vaping products.

The Wichita Eagle reports that Goddard school board President Kevin McWhorter says the district has a responsibility to protect students from a “growing crisis.” He discussed the issue at a news conference Tuesday, the same day that health officials announced the first death in the state related to an outbreak of a lung disease linked to vaping.

The board passed a resolution Monday that allows a Kansas City area law firm to sue on the district’s behalf. McWhorter says the hope is that other schools and jurisdictions will file similar litigation targeting the e-cigarette and vaping industry.

Superintendent Justin Henry says the district doesn’t intend to seek class action status.


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