“Wildcat Insider” Podcast 04/14/14


“Wildcat Insider” breaks down a tough sports weekend for Kansas State. The K-State baseball team was swept by Texas Tech on the road and now find themselves sitting at 2-7 in league play and at the bottom of the standings. What went wrong for the bat cats this weekend and can they recover as the season continues? K-State spring football practices continue leading up to the spring game on April 26th. What are some of the key areas that Bill Snyder is looking at with his team during the spring tenure? The guys will take a look at other Wildcat athletics from this past week and get you set for another edition of the “Brad Hill Show” which airs on KMAN.


Top Stories


Josh Reynolds (K-State pitching coach)


K-State volleyball/K-State spring FB


K-State spring football discussion


Other K-State athletics/K-State FB improvements


K-State secondary (Replacing Ty Zimmerman)


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