Local Residents Treated To Wildflower Tour


The sun was shining and the sky was blue.  For those in attendance at the Wildflower Walk at the Konza Prairie Biological Station, this was ideal weather to view the sites.

Sunday, June 2 held this year’s annual walk around a special part of the Konza.

Touring the 1.2 mile trail known as Butterfly Hill, people were given a chance to see a number of different wildflowers in bloom.

Given a list of about 50 different flowers, the docent for the prairie were set out to explore and explain.

Though more than those on the list were found, those who ventured out saw a variety including the New Jersey Tea, Nodding Green Violets, Virginia Groundcherry, Large Beardtoungue, and the Missouri Evening Primrose, just to name a few.

For those who came out, this was a chance to get out and see some of the landscapes hidden from the regular paths.  For those at Konza Prairie, this is a way to get money for their Environmental Education Program to get kids out to see the prairie.

“It’s a really great experience for kids to come out and to get outside, learn what grasses are, learn how they are difference from wildflowers,” said Jill Haukos, Director of Education at the Konza Prairie Biological Station.  “They touch them, they smell them, they eat them.  They have a great time.  That’s what our Environmental Education Program does.”

The station has been doing this event for about the past 15 years and they will continue doing it for the foreseeable future.  It is always held the first weekend of June, as Haukos explains that’s the prime time for the wildflowers to be in bloom.





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