Will Civil Service Remain at K-State?

Town Hall Meeting 111513

Photo by Norma Dunning

Next week a final decision will be made as to whether or not Kansas State University will continue to have Civil Service classifications or whether the designations will be changing.

Over the past few months, University officials have been putting together how the change will look if the vote allows for the change.

The final two town hall meetings about the issue were held Friday and K-State President Kirk Schulz was there to help answer questions along with a panel of representatives including the chair of the Alternative Service Committee.

Some of the issues that arose during the meetings included job security, funding, and suprvisor training.

Schulz mentioned that civil service personnel would not need to worry about losing their jobs if they changed classification.

“We already don’t have enough staff,” said Schulz. “We don’t have enough people virtually anywhere to provide the support that everybody would like to see, so somehow laying off an already reduced staff for any particular reason just doesn’t really make any sense.”

During the question and answer session, there was a clash among the panelists and one individual Bill Glover, President of the American Federation of Teachers Kansas Local 6400, got up to speak.

The vote will take place next week with results announced on Friday.


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