City approves CDBG Action Plan


The Manhattan City Commission unanimously approved the fifth and final Annual Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant, a federal entitlement program which benefits those earning a low to moderate income.

This year, Manhattan was allocated just over $618 thousand; and according to Grant Administrator, Christina L’Ecuyer, a portion of that money will be used for neighborhood infrastructure improvements.

“11th Street and Freemont is an intersection that has quite a few traffic incidents, so that one has been targeted for a stop light,” L’Ecuyer said.

Commissioner, Karen McCulloh says she got an email from a concerned citizen, who questioned the priority level of the traffic light on 11th and Freemont Street.

“Perhaps a pedestrian thing to get to the park might be of more assistance to the low-income people than just having a stop light at Freemont, which is really kind of the way to go to Aggieville,” McCulloh said.

In response, L’Ecuyer said that the City would seek public input before going forward with the traffic light at 11th and Freemont Street.

This year’s Action Plan also includes facility improvements for the Douglass Center Complex and Flint Hills Bread Basket, and it supports public services such as the Sunflower CASA Project, Shepherd’s Crossing and more.

The Plan will now travel to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for final approval.


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