Commission approves expansion of Elbo Creek Estates


WESTMORELAND, Kan. – The Pottawatomie County Commission green-lighted Elbo Creek Estates for expansion on Monday.

The commission unanimously approved a rezone of the property that belongs to David Nelson, which creates 21 lots in the area just southeast of the intersection of Junietta Road and Green Valley Road.

“Property was classified as R1, which allows single-family detached housing,” Planning Advisor John Keller said. “The proposal was for R2, which allows single-family attached housing or duplex (housing).”

The Pottawatomie County Planning Commission met on May 17 to finalize all of the loose ends before appealing to the county commission for a formal rezone.

“There were several objections (from people present) about the amount of traffic coming through the subdivision,” Keller said. “(Als0) they wanted a secondary road to be open to Green Valley Road to relieve the traffic.

“Planning commission did not discuss the drainage because it was discussed in the overall preliminary development plan of the entire Elbo Creek Estates subdivision.”

The commission took the public’s concerns into consideration before passing the motion, stipulating that the entrance to Green Valley Road be used as a construction entrance only while the new homes are being built.


Treanor Architects Tathiana Woolery, lead architect on the county’s new justice center, briefed the commission on three change orders regarding construction of the new facility.

The primary change order will be switching the sewer piping from cast-iron to PCB piping; a cost-cutting measure that will save $7,400 according to county administrator Robert Reece.

Additionally, Woolery requested that 21 days be added to the construction timetable.

“This is to accommodate for the delay of moving the fiber line that runs through the project site,” Woolery said.

The final change order concerned incurred costs for unforeseen excavation.

“As they were working on the site, they found additional wells and cisterns that had been there for decades that needed to be excavated out.” Reece said.

The additional excavation costs came to $3,800.



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