Structure Fire Threatens Trailer, Tank


UPDATE- 6:30

KMAN received additional information regarding a structure fire on the 9000 block of Fairview Church road which occurred early Thursday afternoon.

The fire reportedly began in a shed and spread to the adjacent modular home, belonging to Ms. Vail Slocum. Numerous animals located within the residence were rescued , and nobody was home at the time of the fire.

Initial damage estimate to the house is $15,000 to $20,000 and the shed is a total loss. Several local fire departments responded including Randolph, Riley, University Park, Leonardville, and Keats.


Reports indicate there are numerous animals within the residence-Cats, dogs, ferrets and a large amount of snakes.  Some of the animals were taken out, and the propane has been shut off to the trailer.


A structure fire was reported on the 9000 block of Fairview Church road Thursday around two o’clock.

Dispatchers indicated a shed is on fire, and is threatening a nearby trailer house and propane tank. Nobody is believed to be in the trailer house.

Firefighters are still on scene, and KMAN will continue to bring you details on this story, as they become available.


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