The Game 4/5/18


John tries to preview everything that is happening with K-State Spring football. What John doesn’t cover, Stan Weber will call in and fill the gaps. Masters play-by-play with a twist. Royals’ bullpen trivia: Tyler v. Mitch. Plus, Mitch’s Wrestlemania 34 preview and You Can’t Be Serious.

0:00 – So much happening with KSU Spring bal
12:34 – Our Masters play-by-play
25:48 – Offense or defense more affected by new coaches
35:13 – Mitch’s Wrestlemania preview
41:32 – Interview with Stan Weber
58:06 – Royals bullpen trivia
1:07:27 – Wrestlemania vs. The Masters
1:15:42 – You Can’t Be Serious


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