Advance voting: how to save time and stress on Election Day


With one week until Election Day and the deadline for requesting mail-in ballots being today at 4:30 p.m., a last-minute brush up on advanced voting may just save you some time and hassle.

Advanced voting does, in fact, have a few advantages.

“You can go ahead and vote if you’re not going to be around on election day,” Nancy McCarter, the clerk for Pottawatomie County, said. “And if the weather is bad on election day, you can go ahead and get that process done and there’s no line. There’s no waiting time”

Advanced voting in person can be done at the county clerk’s office until noon prior to election day.

Mail-in ballots postmarked no later than election day will be counted as long as they reach the county clerk’s office by the Friday after election day.

Anyone in Pottawatomie County still wanting to request a mail-in ballot can do so by calling the Pottawatomie County Clerk’s Office and have one emailed to them.

In addition to advanced voting, there are other steps voters can take to make the voting process go smoothly.

“They need to research the constitutional amendment,” McCarter said. “It’s rather long. I would strongly suggest they do some research on that. Other than that, just bring your photo I.D. and it should go pretty quickly. There’s not a whole lot on the ballot.”

Voters can see what will be on their ballot by going to

For contact information for the Pottawatomie County Clerk’s Office and more information about advanced voting, visit



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