Alligator seen near Linear Trail, not believed to be from Manhattan Reptile World


Another alligator is reportedly on the loose in Manhattan.

According to Manhattan Parks and Recreation, an alligator was seen Wednesday evening on Linear Trail along Wildcat Creek between South Manhattan Ave. and Pecan Circle.

This alligator is not believed to be one of the two stolen from Manhattan Reptile World in June.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Colin Cudney, owner of Manhattan Reptile World, believes the alligator that was recently seen is smaller than Beauregard, an alligator stolen from Manhattan Reptile world that is still believed to be alive.

Beauregard is believed to be about 5 feet long while the one spotted on Wednesday is around 3 feet long.

Pebbles, the other alligator stolen from Manhattan Reptile World, died inside a trap in June.

Cudney reportedly does not believe the latest alligator sighting is part of an infestation, saying those that were seen likely won’t survive through autumn.

The Riley County Police Department is asking the public to avoid searching for the alligator as officials are attempting to catch it and need space to do so.

According to an RCPD Twitter post, the alligator is not believed to be a danger to the public.

Further details are pending from Manhattan animal control.


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