BOE Postpone Schedule Discussion


usd383schoolboardStarting off the night for the Manhattan Ogden school board was an executive session, but as soon as that was done they moved to their regular business meeting.

The board was given to the opportunity to honor both a teacher and a group on work well done.

Jesse Peters, a social studies teacher at Anthony Middle school was recognized as the 2013 Kansas Cable Telecommunications Horizon Award recipient by the Kansas State Department of Education.

This was followed by honoring the Manhattan High School Thespian Troupe as they received the Gold Honor Troupe Award.

Old business consisted of the Bishop Stadium artificial turf project, which was approved to move forward with getting the state approved company on board along with getting bids out for the components under the turf.

The board also passed unanimously Resolution 1213-13 Renewal of the Second Count Date for Military Students.

At their last meeting, the initial draft was presented and some clarifications were requested.  Wednesday’s meeting brought back the revised copy and the board approved the changes, though Board member Darell Edie had one request as he was listed at the board vice president for that to change to being just a board member.

The only new business item on the agenda was the renewal of the superintendents contracts and both Associate Superintendent Bob Seymour and Superintendent Bob Shannon were renewed with a unanimous vote from the board for a job well done.

The issue of the elementary and high school schedules have been pushed back as more discussion and more information has been deemed needed before any action can be taken.  As the next few weeks hold important events at the schools that will prevent teacher participation, the issue is slated to be brought back at the February 20th meeting for a possible work session.

The board’s next regular business meeting will be held on February 6.


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