Celebrating Pawnee event planned Tuesday


The annual “Celebrating Pawnee” event is right around the corner.

Robbin Cole, Pawnee Mental Health Executive Director, says the annual event is a way for them to step aside and recognize the accomplishments of the organization and the staff. She says during the event they will recognize each employee of the month from 2020 and will also name an employee of the year. Along with that, she tells KMAN they will be announcing the winner of the Valentine’s Day Card Contest.

“Every year we have a contest with the youth we serve who have serious emotional disturbances, and those youth contribute designs of Valentine’s Day cards that we send out to all of our donors on an annual year at Valentine’s Day,” Cole adds. “We like to just tell our donors how much we appreciate them.”

Cole adds that they will also acknowledge the individuals who they have given the title of “Friends of Pawnee” for their above and beyond contributions to the organization.

“This year we’ll be acknowledging Kristin Wright, Dr. Marvin Wade, Heather Hiegert, Debbie Nuss, Lisa Pohlman, and Joshua Gering and the Riley County EMS,” Cole says.

The “Celebrating Pawnee” event will be held via Zoom this year on Tuesday April 27 from 5 to 6 PM. For more information or for the zoom link, visit pawnee.org.


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