Construction progressing along busy stretch of Kimball Avenue


Photo by Brandon Peoples/KMAN

For those who make a habit of commuting down Kimball Ave., the headaches of road construction have been apparent.

Manhattan City Manager Ron Fehr said on In Focus last week that construction is making progress in the three phases, especially on the eastbound lanes of Kimball between Manhattan Ave. and Tuttle Creek Blvd.

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Meanwhile work is a little slower going on Kimball near the Browning Ave. intersection.

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Once that piece is replaced, Fehr says traffic will be flipped and work will begin in the eastbound lanes. A retaining wall west of Hudson is being completed and Fehr says that replacement should be wrapping up in the next few weeks.

Additional work continues along Sunset near Manhattan High School. Once that’s complete, work will commence along Poyntz Ave. east to Evergreen Ave.

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Most of the projects are anticipated to be completed before the start of the school year.


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