First Board of Health Meeting


board of health meeting 1-2The first ever Riley County Board of Health meeting was conducted in the county offices Monday evening.  The goal of the meeting was to review the 2013 Health Department Annual report, and look at goals for the year.

Department Director, Brenda Nickel began with a word of welcome and reviewed the key points to look at within the annual report.  She shared the ten essential services the department provides everyday:

board of health meeting 1

  • monitor, identify, and address health problems
  • research for new insights and innovations
  • evaluate and improve programs and interventions
  • diagnose and investigate
  • inform, educate and empower
  • assure a competent workforce
  • link to and provide care
  • mobilize community partnerships
  • develop policies and plans
  • enforce laws and regulations

Several board of health members shared information about their programs and services.

Three of these board of health meetings will take place every year, the next of which is expected to be scheduled for July and will involve budgetary discussions.


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