The Game 12/27/16 from the 3rd Floor in Houston


John Kurtz, Corey Dean and Stanton Weber are live from the 3rd Floor in Houston. Both K-State and Texas A&M feel confident about tomorrow night. Powercat Gameday blogger Cole Manbeck call in to talk about the Cats and Aggies. Coach Snyder comments on players sitting out bowl games. Plus, Jabroni of the Week.

      1 Both the Cats and Aggies feel confident
      2 Snyder playing coy about injuries
      3 Coach Snyder on players skipping bowl games
      4 The guys witnessed history at a Rockets' game
      5 PCGD blogger Cole Manbeck
      6 Stanton asked Trevor Knight about Katy Perry
      7 ESPN ruined Christmas
      8 Jabroni of the Week



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