Geary County Sheriff K-9 euthanized after vicious attack on deputy


Geary County Sheriff Daniel Jackson says his office had to make a heartbreaking decision this week to euthanize the department’s K-9 companion Krew, after a vicious attack on his handler.

Jackson, in a news release Thursday said Deputy Robison, the dog’s handler was preparing to respond to an officer reporting a vehicle failing to stop. When he opened the patrol vehicle’s rear door, he then opened the kennel door so he could put a collar on Krew and head out to the scene. As Deputy Robison reached in to put the collar on, Krew attacked him. It lasted for about one minute and thirty seconds.

Sheriff Jackson said after reviewing video, he deemed the attack to be particularly brutal and unprovoked. Robison, who attempted to divert the dog’s attention several times was continually attacked and bitten on the backside of his upper arm. He also received a torn bicep and multiple puncture wounds as well as wounds to his right hand. Robison required 17 stitches as a result.

Later in the evening Krew continued to display aggressive behavior and Jackson says since 2018, the dog had also attacked two other K-9 officers on three different occasions.

It was determined that the dog needed to be euthanized as Jackson says he couldn’t risk the dog becoming aggressive toward another officer, let alone a member of the public.


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