GMCF to hold 6th annual Community Foundation Awards


The Greater Manhattan Community Foundation will be holding the Community Foundation Awards, or CFA’s, during the annual meeting on Monday.

GMCF President and CEO Vern Hendricks says this year will be special because they will also be celebrating their 20th anniversary.   One of the big guests they are expecting is Steve Coen from the Kansas Health Foundation.  Other guests for the event include former executive directors, members of the Kansas Association of Community Foundations, and affiliation representatives.

“The whole intention of this event is to bring community philanthropists and leaders with nonprofits who are doing great work that don’t usually get recognized,” said Hendricks.

He says they want the event to surprise people about what’s going on in their community and celebrate all the hard work.

“Every year we try to find a story that is not well known and expose them to the community so they can find the proud point in supporting them,” said Hendricks.

Hendricks says they approached 502 media to come up with a way to make their annual meeting more exciting.  The idea came to create an award show since since Oscar season was around the time of the meeting.

The CFA’s and GMCF Annual Meeting will take place Monday at 6 pm at the Manhattan Conference Center.

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