Guilty Verdict In Riley County Court Retrial


Riley-County-Courthouse2-128x84Riley County jurors have found Levertis Horne, 22, guilty of a number of charges in connection with a home invasion case that occurred in October of 2012. Horne had been tried last year, but the case resulted in a hung jury.

Horne was found guilty on four of the six charges against him after almost five hours of deliberation. The jury announced late Saturday morning Horne was convicted of the attempted aggravated robbery of Tyler Sweet, attempted aggravated robbery of Andrew Johnson, aggravated burglary, and the aggravated battery of Chase Cargile. He was acquitted on charges of aggravated robbery of Austin Miller and aggravated robbery of Chase Cargile.

The trial began Monday but was interrupted by a couple of snow days. The jury began deliberations at 6 p.m. Friday.

KMAN’s Laura Monsanto was in the court room for part of the trial, reporting on Chase Cargile’s testimony about being shot during the incident. Cargile shared details about marijuana sales, with Horne trying to rob him of his marijuana and money. Cargile testified Horne shot him twice and Cargile stabbed Horne in the chest. Cargile told the jury the gunshots caused severe nerve damage and he said he only stabbed Horne in self defense.


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