Health Board Administrator Candidate visits Manhattan


On Thursday (September 15), the Riley County Health board interviewed the first of three candidates that have applied for the position of health department administrator. The current Executive Director of Emporia Presbyterian Manor Roger Closson went through the interview process Thursday, which included meeting with various county personnel, the county commission, and touring the health department’s facilities.

Closson says his background is the main reason why he was interested in the position. When asked about what he felt was his greatest attribute, Closson answered by saying he’s a “jack of all trades”.

The two other candidates, Suzanne Kufahl and Larry Franken will be interviewed in the coming weeks. The department hopes to have made it’s selection by the end of October.

Suzanne Kufahl and Larry Franken will both be interviewed individually in next few weeks. Health board members hope to have made their selection by the end of October.


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