K-State President Myers comments on anti-Semitic message



Kansas State University President Richard Myers Thursday is commenting on a poster with an anti-Semitic message that was taped to a utility pole near Ahearn Field House. President Myers stresses this type of message is unwelcome at Kansas State University.

Myers goes on to say there have been a series of random messages found on campus in recent weeks, small in number but each targeting a specific group of the K-State family. He refers to the LGBTQ community, which he indicates was disparaged in one single-page flyer and African-American family members targeted in another. The K-State President says in his statement which can be found in K-State Today, these few, random incidents should be kept in perspective, adding the K-State family is committed to diversity and inclusion and should not be influenced by these isolated incidents. And he says, “while we don’t know who has distributed these missives, or why  we do know they don’t represent the values of the K-State family.”

President Myers ends his statement by saying “Principles of Community affirm the right of freedom of expression, but we call on each other to maintain civility and respect. The tone of these messages does not honor these principles. This is not the Wildcat Way. We welcome and embrace those who bring diverse backgrounds, thoughts and opinions to our university.”


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