K-State Vet Med students honored at white coat ceremony


Packed house at the 2019 White Coat Ceremony

The K-State College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2020 received their white coats during a ceremony on Sunday.

This is a ceremony that celebrates the transition of K-State College of Veterinarian Medicine third year students as they begin their clinicals before they get their doctorate.  For the next year, these students will be working over at the Veterinary Health Center at K-State.

Department Head of Clinical Sciences Beth Davis began the ceremony by congratulating the students for making it this far.  She explained to the group of students what they will be doing over the next year as they earn their doctorate.

“This isn’t an achievement that all earn.  It’s actually the elite that are able to achieve this level of training and expertise,” says Davis.

When compared to the U.S. population, there are only 120 thousand licensed veterinarians in the country. An additional 3,800 graduates will be joining them this year.

“In this year of training, you will wear your white coat of professional to hone your skills in many areas,” says Davis.

The skills include the workload they will receive on a day to day basis, performing surgery, and other medical related tasks.

Vet Med Interim Dean Bonnie Rush addressing the class of 2020

After Davis spoke, Interim Dean Bonnie Rush welcomed the students to their first professional day.

“You are joining a select group of extraordinarily talented individuals,” says Rush, “Veterinarians are hardworking, dedicated, supportive, generous, and respected.

She says these students will be joining an unprecedented job market once they leave K-State.  According to her, the ratio between the new graduates in this field to the number of open veterinary positions has never been more favorable.

“No veterinarian should ever feel restricted.  There is and always will be an opportunity to pursue a new path,” says Rush.

She then referred to one of the first things these students were taught at K-State.  There is an intersection of finding their perfect career.  The intersection is between things they are good, things they enjoy doing, and things people will pay for.

Class President of the Class of 2019 Brett Montague presenting to the class of 2020

The students were then given advice from Class of 2019 President Brett Montague who had just finished his year of clinicals.  He told them there is a lot of learning and remembering involved in this step.  There is also room for the students to have fun and set time apart for themselves.

It was now time for the students to receive their white coats.  Each student was called up and a department head would put the coat on them.

Vet Med Student Peter Cho receiving his white coat

After all the students had received their coats, Vet Med Student Alexandra Allen led her class in making the pledge of professionalism.

The class then stood and addressed the audience to close the ceremony.


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