Manhattan Housing Authority awarded $2.6M grant for rental assistance

Manhattan Housing Authority recently awarded a $2.6 million grant to start a Bridge to Housing Stability program for Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance applicants.
MHA commissioner, Brad Claussen says, applying is worth the effort to go through the process. KERA has provided around $1.4 million to area property owners directly.
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Assistance is temporary. Individuals are granted 3 months of assistance and encouraged to re-certify. Applicants must go through KERA to get the process started and once approved you are handed off to a local entity. There remains over $200M for housing assistance at the state level.

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KMAN also spoke with Assistant Executive Director, Mandy Thomas at MHA regarding their recent Digital Transformation.
Thomas says, they are digitally updating everything. The website updates will make things more efficient and user friendly.
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Thomas mentioned, MHA is searching for 3 case managers to join their team, positions remain open until filled. Applicants are expected to be professionals in the field
Since march MHA has pushed to get everything online, they have been updating digitally only, moving forward.
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For more information contact MHA: 785-776-8588 or online at:

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