Manhattan patches over 2500 potholes in January, road crews prep for snowfall

City of Manhattan Public Works crews patched 2,502 potholes in January 2019. That’s up over 2,400 from January 2018’s total of 94 patched potholes. But that’s an improvement from January 2017, according to city engineer Brian Johnson.
      Johnson 1
He says they patched 3,961 potholes in January 2017. According to Johnson, that’s specifically related to the amount of precipitation as well as repeated freezes.
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According to the National Weather Service, Manhattan saw 0.73 of precipitation in January 2019, 0.51 inches in 2018, and 1.45 inches in 2017.
With 2 to 4 inches of snow forecast to be possible through Saturday, Johnson says city crews are ready and have been patching as many potholes throughout the week.
      Johnson 3
Johnson says the city hasn’t seen any exceptional burden on its finances as a result of pothole patching. He also says that so far they’ve managed to keep under budget in their road treatment efforts as well.
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He also recommends motorists stay off the road if possible and allow crews time to treat them during tomorrow’s snow.
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Johnson adds that city crews can’t keep up with snow fall on every street and to expect some slick spots if you have to travel. The Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect through 6 p.m. Friday as of this report.

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