May 2021 sales, compensating use tax revenue for Manhattan up from May 2020

May 2021 sales tax revenue
Manhattan sales tax revenue for May 2021, which reflects spending from two months previous, is up 25 percent from May 2020 and up 12 percent from 2019.
City manager Ron Fehr explained to KMAN one possible reason for the increase.
      Fehr 1
Fehr says the increase in sales tax numbers has given the city’s overall budget a boost.
      Fehr 2
Compensating Use Tax revenue
Compensating Use Tax revenue for May 2021 was 7.5 percent higher than in May 2020.
However, Fehr says revenue was down from the previous month.
      Fehr 3
Fehr says this can also be seen in revenue generated through the community development district encompassing the Manhattan Town Center.
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More information about City of Manhattan revenue numbers can be found below.

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