MHK Together raises over $100K in grocery assistance


More than $100,000 has been raised by the community to support grocery assistance to those experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MHK Together, a collaboration between the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, 502 Media Group, Konza United way, and Shepherds Crossing began raising money Friday with a goal of matching the $150,000 donations supporting the initiative from the Ward & Brenda Morgan, Lincoln & Dorothy Deihl and Mary Vanier Donor Advised Funds.

By Wednesday afternoon, the donations amounted to $105,000. Blade Mages with the 502 Media Group explains the purpose of

“If you’re somebody who has experienced a layoff or your hours have been cut, we are offering grocery assistance in the form of gift cards. The second function is actually buying gift cards to support local restaurants, retailers and hospitality businesses,” he said.

Businesses can register through the website. When someone purchases a gift card through, the organization matches the amount through a fund at GMCF, with money spent on gift cards to Dillons of HyVee. All of the money raised goes directly to local businesses.

To qualify for assistance, individuals must be a Manhattan resident or work in Manhattan and show a reasonable need for financial assistance due to a lay off or reduced working hours.

“Shepherd’s Crossing and Konza United Way then will work together collaboratively with applications received from individuals who are applying through the website. Staff will make sure those individuals meet the criteria,” said Konza United Way CEO Tara Claussen.

The fund is supported by $150,000 in donations from the Ward & Brenda Morgan Donor Advised Fund, the Lincoln & Dororthy Deihl Advised Fund and the Mary Vanier Donor Advised Fund.


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