Motorist flees Highway Patrol


Kansas Highway Patrol arrested a Manhattan resident on Sunday evening after he led KHP on a high speed motorcycle chase.

KHP reports that 24-year-old Da Hua was arrested for reckless driving, attempted to elude police, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, riding a motorcycle without a motorcycle endorsement on his license, and a having an illegal muffler.

KHP reports that one of their officers had pulled over Hua on a routine traffic stop. When the officer went to run his license Da Hua attempted to flee North on Highway 24. At the intersection of 24 and K-13 two KHP officers attempted to flag Hua down, and Hua allegedly swerved to hit them. KHP lost Hua on Seth Child road, but after some police work successfully made the arrest.

Riley County Police are holding Hua with a 20-thousand dollar bond.


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