Noon Election Filing Deadline Passes


Riley county

Riley county Elections Supervisor Jolene Keck reports eight last minute filings the last hour and a half before the noon deadline, mostly for smaller city council positions. There were no last minute filings for Manhattan City commission or USD 383. And there will be no need for a primary in Riley County.

Ogden, which always seems to have a lot of interest, had last minute filings from former mayor Jimmy Bond–who filed for both mayor and city council. Roger Graham filed for Ogden City council, bringing the number of candidates for the five open positions to seven, with two for Mayor.

Also filing late morning for Leonardville City Council were Brian Johnson, Larry Wendland, and Mike Johnson. George Berstler filed for Randolph City council, and Jason Heikes and Greg McKinley filed for Riley City Council.

Kerry Thurlow filed late morning for Riley County’s USD 378 school board, position five. 

Others who filed earlier Tuesday morning were  Ward Nations for Ogden City council, Harold HIggins for Randolph city council, Jason Heikes for Riley City council, and Alicia Scofield in Leanordville. Filing for school board this last half day are David Stevenson for Riley County’s USD 378 position four and Amery G. McLean IV for Blue Valley Randolph’s USD 384, district three.

Meanwhile, the final tally for Manhattan City Commission is seven candidates for three positions including John Ball, Rich Jankovich, Daniel Hogan, Usha Reddi. Karen McCulloh, Debbie Nuss, and Bob Strawn. For UsD 383’s positions four filed including Mitch Beims, Marcia Rozell, Pat Hudgins, and Aaron Estabrook.


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