Petition submitted to Pott. County Commission would establish City of Green Valley


This map screenshot shows the proposed boundaries of a new City of Green Valley to be incorporated over present day Blue Township.

An incorporation petition has been submitted to the Pottawatomie County Commission by residents living in the Blue Township area, east of Manhattan.

The petition, submitted March 21, would establish the City of Green Valley in southwestern  Pottawatomie County with a northern boundary along Junietta Road, a southern boundary primarily along the Hwy 24 corridor and the east-west boundary would go essentially from Lake Elbo Road to the Big Blue River.

County Clerk Dawn Henry and County Counselor John Watt will present the results and validity of the petition to the County Board of Commissioners Monday. No action is expected. The commission’s full agenda packet, including information how to attend the meeting virtually are available here.

Petitioners have outlined several reasons for incorporation, including the ability to set their own tax rates, protect against annexation from the City of Manhattan, maintain infrastructure and provide more local control over services.

Commissioners meet at 8:30 a.m. in Westmoreland.

Click to access PetitionToIncorporateFinal.pdf


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