Pott. County Commission accepts construction bid for Public Works Fleet Maintenance Facility

Fleet Maintenance Facility
After weeks of discussion, Pottawatomie County Commissioners have entered into an agreement with Schultz Construction of Manhattan for the construction of the Public Works Fleet Maintenance Facility.
The project has a base cost of about $1,130,000, which is about $300,000 under the original budget.
County Clerk Nancy McCarter says the agreement includes a number of changes to the original design of the facility.
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The commission also decided to add larger concrete aprons and to increase the thickness of the concrete floor from 6 to 8 inches.

These changes will add about $150,000 to $160,000 in construction costs along with about $24,000 in design fees.

The commission decided not to include a heated floors or painted walls and ceilings in the agreement.

Not including painted walls and ceilings will reduce the cost of the project by about $23,000.

Sign Regulations
Pottawatomie County planning and zoning officials presented two requests to the county commission Monday.
Assistant planner Stephen Metzger says one request is to approve changes to the Unified Development Regulations clarifying that sign restrictions are based on type, dimensions, location and number and not on content.
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The commission will not approve this change until an official resolution is brought to them at a future meeting.
The second request was to re-zone 73 acres of land from A1 – Agriculture and R2- Residential to Planned Unit Development.
County Planner John Keller explains what Planned Unit Development means.
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The county voted to modify this request and will make a decision at a future meeting.
Equipment Requests
Pottawatomie County Commissioners addressed a number of requests for new county vehicles during their meeting Monday.
The requests were for a new semi-truck for the landfill worth about $50,000, a new back-hoe for the landfill worth about $110,000 and two new dump trucks worth a total of $300,000
In the middle of a discussion about the cost of the semi-truck, Commissioner Pat Weixelman said he wouldn’t approve a purchase until presented with more information.
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The commission decided to delay approving the purchase a new semi-truck until it has received more information.
They also approved advertising for bids on both new and used dump trucks along with the purchase of a backhoe.

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