Pottawatomie, Wabunsee County Commissioners Meet


Pottawatomie County commissionersThe Pottawatomie County Commission started their regular meeting in their own jurisdiction , but after lunch they moved to Alma to meet with the Wabaunsee County Commission on the issue of the Belvue Bridge.

More discussion over what to do come as a Kansas Department of Transportation representative talked about the preliminary test that was done to the bridge to decide whether this was a candidate for repair or if it should be replaced.

The K-Dot representative made the recommendation to both commissions to spend a little more time once the temperature warms up to do a few more tests to gain a responsible amount of data to make a well informed decision.

Both commissions agreed to the recommendation.

The Pottawatomie County Commission also had a sit down with some people from the Rural Water District.

Being advised early on to begin no negotiations, the Commission questioned those in attendance when they were likely to have a decision on which direction they want to move.

The Commissioners explained they are waiting for the Water District board to make a formal decision before they, themselves, can move forward on making their own decisions.

Commissioner Stan Hartwich stated he doesn’t care which direction they choose, he just wanted the board to make one.

Those in attendance assured the commission a decision will be reached at their Tuesday board meeting.

Other topics on the agenda included a project update on the new Justice Center.

Trisha Brook-Fruent, Construction Manager for SMH Consultants, brought a couple of change orders before the commission.  One of them caused a bit of discussion, but after seeing no other options the commission did begrudgingly approve the electrical change order with a 2-1 vote with Commission Chair Pat Weixelman dissenting.

Due to President’s Day next Monday, the next regular business meeting for the commission will be held on February 25.


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