RCPD 10/29/13



Riley County Police arrested a 30-year-old Ohio woman on a warrant involving burglary, theft, and criminal damage charges.

Jennifer King was taken into custody at about 11 Monday night on the Riley County warrant.

King’s bond was set at $20,000.


Riley County Police have announced the arrest of Dominique Knox, 20, of Manhattan for criminal use of a financial card, theft of property, and forgery.

This arrest stems from an incident earlier this month that involved the criminal use of a lost debit card belonging to  James Clark, 19, of Manhattan. The total estimated loss in this case was $450 with bond set at $3,500.

Knox was also arrested for criminal use of a financial card and theft in another investigation that involved her use of a debit card belonging to Rickie Baumert, 19, of Manhattan. The total estimated loss in that case was $49 and her bond set for this second arrest was $1,500, with a total bond of $5,000.


An Ogden man was taken into custody by Riley County Police on a probation violation. Zachary Burch, 24, was arrested on a probation violation warrant, with the original charge of possession of drug paraphernalia

Burch was arrested while at the Riley County Police Department at approximately 5:30 Monday night. He was released on a $5,000 bond from Riley County Jail shortly after his arrest.

$5,000 in damage is reported to Fuzzy’s Tacos Restaurant, in the 600 block of North 12th Street. Riley County police indicate the criminal damage to property report came in Monday morning.

Police were told that around 2:00 AM that morning an unknown white male jumped up and hit their neon sign located in front of their building, causing the damage.

Those with any information about this damage are encouraged to contact RCPD or the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers.


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