Retail sales top $1B in MHK


Retail sales in Manhattan have topped $1-billion already this year.

“Truth be told, we’ve kind of plateaued at the $1.1-Billion, give or take,” said Vice President of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce. “For a town of 57-ish-thousand that’s still phenomenal.”

Unemployment in Manhattan is currently 2.0%, the lowest mark in the state. Unemployment in the Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Pottawatomie County, is just 2.3%.

In other business, the Commission committed to funding road and beautification improvements to the intersection of Kimball and College Avenues.The professional  engineering agreement with BG Consultants, Inc. of Manhattan is not to exceed $543,179.

The Commission also approved an engineering agreement with Schwab-Eaton P.A. of Manhattan for similar improvements to North Manhattan Avenue from Claflin Road to the Research Park Drive and Keen Street intersection. That agreement is not to exceed $229,600.

The City will issue general obligation bonds to pay for both projects, which are part of the North Campus Corridor Project.

A long-discussed improvement project in City Hall also received final approval, Tuesday. The City will contribute over $535,000 to the Peace Memorial Memorial Improvement project, which includes new lighting and sound systems, wiring overhaul, stage renovations and new ceiling tiles in the auditorium.

Friends of Peace Memorial Auditorium, a local fundraising group, will contribute roughly $250,000 to the project.

Finally, the Commission heard year-end reports from the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau. 2018 contracts for both were also approved.




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