Riley County transfer station to close to public on Thursday

Riley County public works will be shutting the transfer station to the public during the stay at home order.
The transfer station had reduced its hours and face to face transactions last week to protect its employees.  Public Works Director Leon Hobson says they have seen an increase of traffic at the station.
“That kind of defeated the purpose as far as social distancing.  So I think we are in a position now we need to make a change especially with the governor’s stay at home order.” says Hobson.
The request is to discontinue receiving solid waste from the public including trash. tree limbs, and leaves.  Commercial hauling, such as trash services for the public, and private haulers will still be able to use the stations.
The commissioners are worried about those residents who do not have trash services.  Hobson says those citizens would still not be able to use the station.  He suggested they sign up for services or call some entities in town to come pick up their trash.
Riley County Commissioner Ron Wells says the need to do what will keep employees safe.  However, he is concerned about those in the county who do not have trash services.
“We need to get ahead of this to protect our employees.  Maybe we will have some people to step up and help out.  We have a lot of good people in the community,” says Wells.
Commissioner John Ford says the best option is to close for now, just like everything else.
“I think the issue here is lots of people are at home and lots people have time on their hands.  I’m not surprised to see those numbers increase,” says Ford.
Hobson wanted the station closed to the public as soon as possible, but also give the public enough time to get rid of their trash.  Wednesday will be the last day the station will be open.
Commissioners also extended the closure date of the county offices till the end of the statewide stay at home order.

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