Settlement Reached in Salina Contamination Cleanup


SALINA, Kan. (AP) Salina officials and the federal government have reached a financial settlement to cover the cost of cleaning up contaminated groundwater and soil at a former Air Force base.

Officials announced Thursday that the federal government will pay 90 percent of an estimated $9.3 million to clean up the industrial solvent TCE at the former Schilling Air Force Base. The city of Salina will pay the remaining 10 percent.

KSAL reports the federal share is about $8.4 million and the local share is $936,000.

The deal must be approved by the Salina City Commission, the Salina School District, the Salina Airport Authority and Kansas State University, as well as the district court.

TCE was once used as an industrial solvent but has been classified as a human carcinogen.


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