T. Russell Reitz found homes for over 700 animals in 2018


The T. Russell Reitz animal shelter had a great 2018 with 748 animals finding their homes.

Director of Animal Services Deb Watkins  is excited for this year’s numbers because they are going to have even more adoptions. She says this is due to new changes in policy at the shelter and the K-State Animal Shelter Medicine program helping with spays and neuters.

Currently the shelter has 35 dogs, including one puppy, and 20 cats ready for adoption.  All of the animals up for adoption have been neutered or spayed, had their shots, and microchipped.

Watkins stressed the importance of microchipping because the shelter’s biggest goal is to make sure lost pets are returned home.

“Almost all the shelters and vet clinics will check for microchips, as well as animal control officers.  This will allow them to return your pet as soon as they find out,” says Watkins.

She adds that if a pet brought in is homeless, then they will make sure to find them a home.

As for as needs for the shelter, Watkins says they are always needing more bedding for the animals.  Towels, blankets, and bedspreads are being requested so they have a place to sleep on.  The City of Manhattan also provides things the animals need, but sometimes they need food for special diets.  She also added they are always accepting toys for the animals.

Along with those needs, the shelter is also accepting help from volunteers and foster homes.  The volunteers will be trained on dog training and handling to be able to take them on walks and be more comfortable around them.  Volunteers can also help with putting together information packets for the shelter and cleaning.

The foster program helps with puppies and kittens to get them out of the shelter, socialize them, or because it needs special medication.  Fostering an animal can last from one week to three months.


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