Terry McCarty Resigns as Principal of Manhattan High


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KMAN has received more information regarding the resignation of Manhattan High School Principal Terry McCarty.

McCarty, who will be stepping down at the end of this current school year, said that it was hard to believe that he had spend nearly a third of his life with the school. He has been with the school for nearly sixteen years, and was proud to list many accomplishments that the school had achieved during his time there, including multiple state championships and a stellar debate and forensics team.

McCarty says that he feels as though he has reached a point in his career where he is not sure what else there is left for him to do at Manhattan High, and so he thought it best to step down and focus on the next part of his career. He has almost completed work for his doctorate degree, and has stated that his goal is to eventually land a job as a school superintendent.

McCarty also said that he was very blessed to have worked with such a supportive staff and community, and wanted to thank them, as well as the many students that he was lucky enough to lead these past years.


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