The Game 10/16/18


Kellis Robinett, from the KC Star and Wichita Eagle, was today’s guest host in the first hour. The K-State football team should be allowed to really enjoy the Oklahoma State win. Give defensive coordinator Blake Seiler all the credit in the world. Plus, Jabroni of the Week.

0:00 – KSU should really enjoy beating OSU
13:09 – Fatty Fest/Blake Seiler success
23:09 – Dana Holgerson complaining about field rushing
33:19 – 5 things that made Mason mad last week
39:40 – KR: Recap of beating Oklahoma State/Jacob Pullen
49:49 – KR: Mitch’s Howard Stern experience/Twitter questions
59:59 – KR: More football talk
1:10:41 – Jabroni of the Week


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