The Game 10/12/17


Reports say Alex Delton will be the starting QB on Saturday. Tyler thinks TCU is overrated and not a top 10 team. Bryson Veznaver from Pro Football Focus calls in to talk K-State. Rodney McGruder might be out 3-6 months for the Miami Heat. Plus, Kelly in Vegas and Cover 5 with Brady.

0:00 – Delton will start/Tyler not a fan of TCU
14:34 – Kelly in Vegas
24:59 – Cover 5 with Brady
32:09 – FBI and KU story/KU-Mizzou exhibition
36:45 – TCU is why you don’t listen to preseason polls
51:25 – Interview with Bryson Veznaver
59:14 – Rodney McGruder & Jacob Pullen
1:06:29 – You Can’t Be Serious


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