The Game 11/7/18


K-State Online’s Matt Hall was our guest host today and he was in-studio from the full show. Discussing topics about K-State football, basketball and answering questions from Twitter. Vahe Gregorian from the Kansas City Star called in to discuss why Coach Snyder should step down as head coach. Plus, You Can’t Be Serious.

0:00 – Hoops receives Final Four prediction
14:49 – Interview with Vahe Gregorian
25:18 – Reaction to Vahe/Potatoes
33:37 – What sports would you want to be the star of?
38:55 – Football press conferences are getting crazy
57:34 – Does a straw one or two holes?
1:07:17 – KSU hoops 2009-10 vs. 2018-19
1:15:14 – You Can’t Be Serious


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