The Game 3/7/19


There might be too many issues right now for Iowa State to beat Texas Tech on Saturday to help K-State. What was our first impressions of Dean, Barry and Kamau when they made their debuts in 2015? Hear audio from today’s press conference with Bruce Weber and “FanAlysis” with KSU_Fan. Coach has an update on Cartier Diarra’s partisipation with the team. Plus, You Can’t Be Serious.

0:00 – Not looking good for Iowa State to help K-State
12:10 – Bruce Weber audio/Cartier Diarra update
22:42 – FanAlysis with KSU_Fan
30:59 – Mason got T’d up again

0:00 – NCAA seed perceptions are hard to change
12:12 – Mayo/Charles from Wamego/KSU’s Three seniors
25:53 – Chicago Sun Times POY coming to K-State
35:00 – You Can’t Be Serious


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