Update: exemptions to the order banning public gatherings of 10 or more people


Director of the Riley County Health Department Julie Gibbs gives important updates on the COVID-19 outbreak in Riley county. Gibbs gives an update on the status of COVID-19 in Manhattan.

      1st covid 19 case



Gibbs notes that certain factors can put some people at a higher risk from  the virus.

      worse with age

Gibbs has issued an order to combat the virus.

      No public gathering over 10 people

Gibbs mentions other exceptions to the ban.

      Other exemptions to the order

Also Gibbs says “above all don’t panic”. She also says to “avoid going out as much as possible”. Despite this it is still okay for Manhattan residents to go outdoors. Gibbs says “It’s okay to go outside if you need to go on a walk, or run, or bike ride”.

For more information about the virus in Riley County click on this link.



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