USD 383 official provides updates on MHS, Oliver Brown Elementary construction projects

Several Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 construction projects will continue through this summer, with some finishing up over the next few months.
Assistant superintendent Eric Reid says Oliver Brown Elementary is still on schedule to be completed in time for the fall semester.
“They were able to close in the north half of the building and work where some of those rooms are getting really close to finished,” Reid said. “They’ll be turning their attention to the south half of the building. I think they already have but they’ll start working on finishes there too. Toward the middle or end of June, we should have the building handed over where we can start putting furniture in.”
Work is also ongoing at Manhattan High School.
The $29.4 million project includes classrooms, gymnasiums, expanded on-site parking, tennis courts, bleachers, a turf field, drainage improvements, roof repairs and a storm shelter.
“On the east side of the building, they’re still doing dirt work and foundation, utilities, getting those moved around,” Reid said. “On the west end of the building, they’re a little more closed in. So they’re starting on the inside work – fitness center, the gym, getting those hallways put together so we can have a back entrance connected to that parking on the backside of Manhattan High.”
MHS construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed by August 2022.

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