USD 383 to consider naming new school in honor of civil rights activist Oliver Brown


The USD 383 Manhattan/Ogden School Board will receive a recommendation at Wednesday’s meeting to name the new elementary school in Blue Township.

The recommended name for the new school is Oliver Brown Elementary School. Oliver Brown is the namesake and plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Topeka Board of Education. Brown challenged the plight of his daughter Linda being subject to a substandard education and conditions to attend a segregated school when another school was in her neighborhood which she was unable to attend due to her race.

According to a release, the name promotes the district’s desire for diversity. Cheryl Brown Henderson, Brown’s daughter, says she was humbled by the district choosing the name of her father for the new school.

If the board approves the name, the district will start work creating another community process to decide on the school’s mascot and colors.


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