Three convicted in Riley County up for parole


Three people convicted in Riley county on murder charges are up for possible parole in the next few months.

Delisha Branch, 40, was convicted in 1997 for first degree murder and aggravated robbery.old Duereal Campbell,31,  was convicted at about the same time for first degree murder and aggravated robbery. And yet another person convicted in 1997 for first degree murder is also up for public comment sessions and parole.  Shakeer Davis, 32, was also convicted of attempted first degree murder, aggravated robbery, and aggravated burglary.

Public comment sessions are planned in January on the 23rd at Kansas City City Hall, the 24th at the Finney State office building in Wichita, and the 27th at the Landon State office building in Topeka. Letters may be sent to the Kansas Department of corrections in Topeka.

Following the public comment sessions, parole hearings will be conducted in February, with the earliest release date of March of 2012.


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