Two Manhattan men arrested for alleged intimidation of witness in ongoing court case


Two Manhattan men are jailed for their roles in allegedly intimidating a witness from testifying in an ongoing court case.

Riley County Police Thursday arrested 32-year-old Joseph Trevail at the Dillons Westloop on three charges of aggravated intimidation of a witness, criminal threat, stalking and harassment by telephone. Also arrested was 23-year-old James Medlin on two charges of aggravated intimidation, criminal threat, stalking and harassment by telephone.

Court documents filed in court in late October allege Trevail made violent or forceful threats against Andrew Hays, in an effort to prevent Hays from testifying at a trial or preliminary hearing. The records suggest he planned to include Medlin to help carry out those threats.

Hays was listed as a witness in a pending robbery and kidnapping case involving Trevail, according to court records. Prosecutors say Trevail robbed a man at gunpoint.

It’s also alleged that Trevail and Medlin stalked Hays between Oct. 8 and Nov. 5.

The two men are jailed each on bonds of $150,000.


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