Update: Riley County COVID cases on upswing as more young adults test positive


Five new positive cases of COVID-19 were reported in Riley County over the weekend.

As of Monday morning, Riley County had 16 active cases and a cumulative total of 80 positives since mid-March. The latest individuals include four male patients aged 21, 22, 28 and 61 years old and a 19-year-old female. One new patient was reported Monday morning, but no details had been released as of noon. Riley County Health Officer Julie Gibbs says two of the cases were travel-related to the Kansas City area and admits the uptick in new cases was expected.

“We knew we’d see more positives as we started to reopen Manhattan. Last week was pretty devastating for us as we did have the two deaths and the outbreak at the Leonardville Nursing Home. We’re still getting some of those test results back and we’ll know more later this week,” she said.

With more cases flooding in the past week, Gibbs says some of the county’s phased reopening may be slowed down.

“Right now our Order No. 12 states we’re at 50 for mass gatherings. We might stay that way. We’re hoping to be able to move on to at least 100 for mass gatherings by Wednesday,” she said.

But that will largely depend on if the county sees a steady increase of new positive cases between now and Wednesday.  Gibbs says they need the public’s help to continue fighting the spread of the virus.

“Try to stay six feet from other people, when you can’t if you’re going to be in a busy place or a grocery store, please wear a mask,” she said.

Riley County

“Young people are not immune to the disease,” said Adams. “We all need to take personal responsibility for the health and safety of our community by following good hygiene practices and limiting contact with the public. This could be the new normal for a long time to come. The old way of doing things is gone, at least for now.”

The screening line remains open as well at 785-323-6400.

None of the new patients are associated with the Leonardville Nursing Home outbreak. None of the recent positives have reported attending any protest here in Manhattan or in other communities, according to Manhattan PIO Vivienne Uccello.


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